It is safe however, I do not recommend doing brow lamination if you are pregnant. The hormones produced during pregnancy create elevated sensitivity and inconsistent results. Always check with your doctor to see what is best for you.

Absolutely not. Your eyebrows have a hair growth cycle and shed hair just like the top of your head. It is normal to lose a few hairs every so often, but it is unrelated to the lamination process.

Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe?

Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe For Pregnant People?

Will My Eyebrows Fall Off?

Can I Do Eyebrow Lamination At Home?

There are many DIY kits out there, but this service is risky to perform at home and should only be done by licensed professionals trained in eyebrow lamination. Perm solution in the eyes and over/ under processing the hairs are some of the dangers in a DIY.

How Long Does The Eyebrow Lamination Service Take?

30-45 minutes depending on the hair type.

How Long Does Eyebrow Lamination Last?

The first treatment is expected to last 6-8 weeks with subsequent treatments expected to last up to 12 weeks!

Yes, it is very safe. Lamination is a gentle version of a perm that is safe for the eyebrows and skin.