Eyebrow lamination is the best treatment for taming tough and unruly eyebrows. Like a lash lift, this semi-permanent grooming technique sets each individual eyebrow hair in the same desired direction, creating the illusion of a thicker, fuller, and sleeker brow. This treatment straightens hairs while adding length and volume resulting in a "fluffy brow" shape. The lamination solution loosens the fibers of curly hair without damaging the hair’s cells, which helps to straighten stubborn cowlicks and disheveled brows resulting in a symmetrical, vibrant brow. Most importantly, the active ingredients in the liquid keratin strengthen and nourish the brows for long lasting health and beauty!

what is eyebrow lamination?

Who is a good candidate for
eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is great for all hair type and color! It is ideal for anyone looking for clean brows with minimal maintenance required to keep them looking fresh and full. The first treatment is expected to last 6-8 weeks with subsequent treatments expected to last up to 12 weeks. For eyebrows that are thin with minimal growth, eyebrow lamination will help to create and hold in place a uniform hair pattern giving the appearance of thicker, feathery eyebrow arches.
  This treatment is an excellent alternative for anyone who has considered microblading.

It is not recommended for people who have scratches, burns or scars near the eyes, pregnancy or breast feeding, have eye contamination, skin conditions or inflammation in the eyebrow area, people with allergies or if they have ever had any reactions with cosmetics, henna and / or with semi-permanent tattooing.


Avoid using Retin-A, AHA, blood thinning medication, and exfoliation 3 days before the appointment.
For best results, grow the eyebrow hair in for 3-4 weeks prior to appointment

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