What Are The Benefits Of An Online Eyebrow Lamination Course?

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is essential for any esthetician who wants to be top of their game. Eyebrow lamination is one of the latest trends, and it’s becoming more and more popular every day. This process creates an eyebrow look that is clean, classy, and sophisticated, emphasizing your client’s facial features. Beautiful eyebrows frame the eyes and contour the face, but that’s not all. They also play a vital role in communicating facial expressions adding a youthful look. Well-shaped eyebrows can add balance to the appearance of the face by providing more definition. 

Choosing To Take An Eyebrow Lamination Course

With an industry-leading online course, you can add professional eyebrow lamination to your list of existing services. Presenting a wide variety of services will provide your clients with a salon where they can achieve all of their beauty goals. Many amateurs in the cosmetic industry use products with ingredients that are toxic, harsh, or ineffective. However, with a licensed eyebrow lamination course online, you will become an expert in giving your clients the results they are seeking.

What Is Brow Lamination?


Eyebrow lamination is like giving a perm to the eyebrows. It gives the hairs of the brows a look that is fuller, healthier, and even in shape. The entire procedure is non-invasive and does not involve needles or blades of any kind, and it generally takes about an hour or less to perform.

First, the esthetician applies cream to the brows to break down the proteins that make up the individual hairs. The hairs are then gently reshaped and lifted. Next, a neutralizing solution is applied for about five minutes. Finally, nourishing and hydrating oil is applied to the brows. Results will last as long as two months.

After the procedure, it’s important to apply a daily brow conditioner. This helps to maintain the health and integrity of the brow hair. Keeping the brows dry for 48 hours after lamination treatment is also important. Do not shower, wash your face or apply makeup. It’s normal for some warmth and redness on the skin to disappear in a few days.

Brow Lamination Masterclass Course

Suppose you are a licensed esthetician wanting to grow your business and offer your clients the most innovative solutions in eyebrow care. In that case, enroll in an eyebrow lamination course online. Such a course can empower you to attract new clients and add revenue to your business.

An online class can teach you all the essential skills to perform this treatment that is rapidly increasing in popularity. You will perform a brow tint, wax, and trim during this course. After a brow treatment, a client will often return for maintenance or another lamination when the first begins to wear off. You will not find learning brow lamination difficult if you’re already performing eyebrow shaping by tweezing, threading, or microblading.

What Is Included In The Brow Lamination Course?

The Eyebrow Lamination Masterclass is reasonably priced at only $99. The class is designed to educate the esthetician on using the best products and safely conducting the procedure with minimum discomfort.

Some of the things you may learn during a brow lamination course include:

  • Health and safety aspects of the service
  • Any implications for professional insurance policies
  • How to prepare the client for the session
  • How to perform a patch test on a client to check for allergic reactions to lamination products
  • The relevant anatomy of the face
  • Safe procedures for applying the solutions
  • Creating the desired brow shapes

You will learn various styles of brow lamination and the chemicals used during the procedure. An additional option is the Eyebrow Lamination Kit containing brow-fixating compounds and a nourishing agent to be applied at the end of the procedure. With the Masterclass and Kit, you’ll receive hands-on experience with this great new skill that will reward you and your clients for years to come.

What Are The Course Benefits?

The course prepares you with the skills required to perform eyebrow lamination. Our video instructors will teach you best practices and techniques to achieve the best results for your client. And, just like learning to drive or to type, it will stay with you once you learn it.

As you train with the Eyebrow Lamination Kit, you will gain confidence, build skills, and learn all eyebrow styles that will keep your clients returning. The instructional video will demonstrate each procedure step-by-step to develop a thorough understanding of the technique. You’ll be ahead of the competition when graduating from the brow lamination masterclass to upgrade your professional skill set.

Benefits Of Online Training

In today’s busy world, commuting consumes precious time and energy. Traveling is an added expense, whether you are simply buying gas for your car or paying for an Uber. In addition, you may even have to pay to park your car. These are many reasons why online training is a more convenient and cost-effective choice. Other reasons include:

#1 There’s no place like home

Learning in the comfort of your own home with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea next to you and the video pause button handy is almost stress-free. Who needs an extra office wardrobe when you can learn a new skill in your loungewear?

#2 You can take your time

If there’s a part of the new material that you’re finding difficult to absorb, you can spend extra time on it when taking an online course at home. Online training means you can learn at your own pace.

#3 Receive the benefits of learning from experts

Most experts aren’t always available to appear in person for a live class, but it’s easy for someone to record what they have to teach on video for hundreds of people to see. So, with online training, you can learn from the best.

# 4 You can set your schedule

Do you want to get up at 6 AM to attend a class in a live classroom environment at 8 AM? Probably not. So why not choose an online course that you can work on at 2 AM if you so desire? Your time for learning can be whatever you want it to be with online training.

Eyebrow Lamination Masterclass Is Online Training At Its Best

Why wouldn’t you want to learn how to perform this service from an expert? Alisa Marie of Alisa Marie Brows & Spa was the first esthetician in her area to offer this brow service. Best of all, she is now offering an online Eyebrow Lamination Masterclass. This class will show you how to master the latest techniques so that you can deliver results that your clients will love every single time. The smart choice is to learn it from the best. The Alisa Marie Eyebrow Lamination Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about preparing your work area, doing the procedure safely, and aftercare.

If you’re interested in learning the art of eyebrow lamination and offering this great new beauty service to your clients, call us to learn more at 1-833-247-4526 or visit our website alisamariebrows.com. You can conveniently order the Masterclass online and the Eyebrow Lamination Kit on our website. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can even just drop by and visit us! We are located at 54736 Shelby Rd. in Shelby Township, Michigan, and we would love to meet you.

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