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What Are The Benefits Of An Online Eyebrow Lamination Course?


Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is essential for any esthetician who wants to be top of their game. Eyebrow lamination is one of the latest trends, and it’s becoming more and more popular every day. This process creates an eyebrow look that is clean, classy, and sophisticated, emphasizing your client’s facial features. Beautiful…

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Expert Tips For The Best Brow Lamination Results


They call the eyes the “windows of the soul.” Eyebrows show expression and accent your eyes’ beauty. Since they are indeed one of your face’s most powerful and defining features, doesn’t it make sense to frame them with truly beautiful eyebrows? Brow lamination is one of the newest beauty trends in brow treatments and a…

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Reasons Why Eyebrow Lamination Is The New Trend

When it comes to enhancing our eyes, women may focus more on eyelashes. However, there is room for bold, enhanced eyebrows. You can do more for your eyebrows beyond tweezing them and drawing them back in with a pencil. One way to achieve sleek eyebrows is with the new trend, eyebrow lamination. Eyebrow Lamination: A…

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Top Six Benefits Of Hydrafacial For Your Skin


Dry, dull skin is a common skin problem that faces even those of us with the healthiest skin. On the face especially, pores can become clogged with dirt and oil while the overall complexion becomes dehydrated. For thirsty skin that needs a pick-me-up in the cleansing and moisturizing department, a hydrafacial treatment is a safe,…

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